About me


         I took my bike test over 30 years ago where my love of riding began although I can admit I did have my fair share of bumps and scrapes as a teenager. I bounced well in those days but soon learnt that it can be an expensive sideline.

Having joined Devon and Cornwall Police in the mid 1980s I quickly made the move to what was then the Traffic department and from there specialised further as a motorcyclist. I remained as part of the force motorcycle wing almost up until retirement in 2012. In that time I helped deliver many police Bikesafe lectures and courses assessing riders of the widest possible age, skill and experience. In fact one chap had a gap of 52 years in his riding career !

In 2000 I helped establish the North Devon motor cycle section of ROSPA which has become very successful. Five years ago I became the bike examiner for ROSPA in North Devon.

As riding is also my hobby [sad I know] I manage to get across onto the continent with other riding mates at least once a year. Theres nothing better than meandering through the quiet roads of France stopping at the village cafes.I highly recommend it, not just for the pure enjoyment, but it will also enhance your riding and experience generally.    Of course they do have some great quality twisties as well !

Having been in the position where I can offer education to motorcyclists for a number of years now,I pride myself in having the ability to engage with all riders on their own level, and am confident that anyone undertaking training with me will leave at least a couple of steps ahead of the crowd.

Ride safe