Bike Training Method & Objectives

The Method

Many riders are reluctant to have their riding observed.
We offer an opportunity to have an objectively assessed initial ride with guidance on how the Police system can benefit motorcyclists.This is followed by tailored riding periods starting to incorporate the advanced riding methods, and will involve learning to make smooth progress whilst reducing risk to a minimum. It is our aim to ensure that this training is always enjoyable and never a chore. Hard work and concentration is always going to give the best results, but the sessions will always be given at the students own pace. All aspects of road riding will be covered and all available types of carriageway ridden.


The Objectives

Our aim is to give positive encouragement at all stages in order to bring out the very best of  the rider's capabilities: the end result being a rider able to demonstrate the abilty to make smooth effortless progress whilst remaining within the confines of the Highway code, whether that be slow filtering, or polished, flowing overtaking. Safety is obviously the prime objective and is fundamental in all that is taught.                                                                                                                                           If it is your aim to go on and take a recognised advanced riding test with ROSPA or the IAM for example, then we can prepare you and help raise those standards to test level.Tests can be taken in many different parts of the country. These certificates are now recognised by many insurance companies and can reduce premiums.


The Training

Training begins with an initial riding assessment and evaluation on the requirements of the individual.
Rides are then tailored to include as much or as little input as desired, with the opportunity to focus on specific aspects of advanced riding.
With regular breaks and feedback sessions it is our aim to ensure riders do not feel under pressure, but able to learn advanced riding at their own pace.



Riding to a well established system incorporating planning,anticipation and time to react will help reduce fuel consumption,wear and tear on things like brake pads, tyres and other consumables. A smooth seamless ride can more often than not reduce travelling time and find the rider arriving in a far more relaxed state. This is not to say that planned progress is not maximised upon.